OVRT (過電圧ライドスルー) 認証

With type testing and certification in one, DNV helps you meet grid code requirements for OVRT performance and maintain market access

OVRT certification: clearing your path to market
New medium-voltage grid connection regulations will soon require proof of over-voltage ride through capabilities for generation and storage components in Germany. Is your route to market still clear?

Germany is regularly at the forefront of developments in green energy. And, to encourage the highest operational standards, the country is often first to introduce new regulations that are later replicated around the world.

In 2018, Germany will become the first country in the world to require high- and medium-voltage grid components to be certified for over-voltage ride through (OVRT) performance. According to the recently announced VDE-AR-N-4110 regulation, all new grid-connected energy generation and storage systems must be capable of withstanding and stabilizing temporary overvoltage conditions in the transmission and distribution grid without disconnection.

This may seem like a small detail within the updated German grid code but it has big consequences. Whether you provide energy generation or storage equipment, gen sets, PV converters or wind turbines, you have two years to get your products certified or lose access to this pathfinder market.

Two steps, one partner
To maintain market access, you need to have proof that your product complies with the OVRT requirements. This is a two-step process. First, the prototype of your product must be thoroughly and reliably tested. Then, that testing must be authenticated with a certificate from a recognized certification body.

DNV can help you streamline the process by offering both steps in one. Our laboratories and mobile testing unit can accurately simulate the grid overvoltage conditions your product could face for the most rigorous type testing. And as a certification body with over 30 years’ experience in renewable energy production and grid code compliance, we can issue a certificate that will be respected and trusted wherever you want to do business.

Dealing with a single partner saves you time and money. Furthermore, through optimized project management, we help reduce your workload and ensure an efficient path to certification and the German market.

Globally trusted experience
Thoroughly proven in the field, our OVRT type testing and certification service draws on our unparalleled expertise and history. DNV itself is a union that combines the strengths of respected brands such as DNV, GL, KEMA, Windtest and Garrad Hassan. And as one of the inventors of the related under voltage ride through (UVRT) testing, we continue to define the state-of-the-art in grid-code-compliance verification for energy generation and storage equipment.

With a global network of experts and facilities, our name is recognized and respected around the world. After successful testing of your product, a DNV OVRT Type Test certificate gives you all the independent proof of quality you need. So, when tendering your solutions, you and your customers can have total confidence in your component’s performance.

For a handy summary of the OVRT requirements and how we can help you, please download our flyer.

  Over voltage ride through certification

Over voltage ride through certification

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Grid code compliance

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