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Wind turbine power quality testing

Proven power quality testing for onshore wind farms helps you meet grid code requirements, mitigate issues and improve performance.

Grid codes are becomingly increasingly stricter. Requirements for low- / under-voltage ride through (LVRT / UVRT) and harmonics are getting tighter, making it harder for wind turbines to comply. So, as the wind energy market increases, it becomes ever more crucial to verify and characterize the way your turbines perform in respect to power quality.

Comprehensive power quality measurements
Our power quality testing for turbines and associated systems gives you the assurance and guidance you need. We don’t just test your component to make sure it works; we also help you identify how to make it better. 

Working together with all the relevant technical parties and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we put the turbine through a wide range of tests to explore how it behaves in all kinds of situations. We test against many international guidelines, including FGW TR3, IEC 61400-21, IEEE 1453, 519, VDE 4105 and TSO requirements. We then present these comprehensive power quality measurements in a report that allows you to:

  • Verify if a specific component complies with specific grid codes
  • Understand and improve how it performs
  • Characterize its performance for a power flow/grid connection study
  • Identify and mitigate issues related to harmonics, turbine tripping, etc
  • Conduct over voltage ride through testing, protection relay testing and commissioning testing

A reputation you can rely on
When it comes to power quality testing, the DNV name is known and trusted across the world. So you, your customers and other stakeholders can have full confidence in the results you receive. 

Services are available globally, with local experts ready to provide fast and personal support wherever your site is located. Drawing on our wide range of expertise, we work closely with you to create a tailored test plan to measure your component’s performance. This streamlines the whole process, and ensures accurate, reliable results that will be trusted by any party.

List of flexible accredited services of GL Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH, Testing Laboratory no. PL-11134-01. The testing laboratory PL-11134-01 with its two locations is accredited for the flexible scope category 3. Download the list here.

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