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Ship safety management system - ShipManager QHSE

ShipManager QHSE is a ship safety management system that supports quality and safety processes and reduces the administrative burden of relevant shipping industry regulations

Ship safety management system for your fleet

ShipManager QHSE software helps to reduce the administrative burden of relevant shipping industry regulations, such as ISM/ISPS, SOLAS, TMSA, classification rules, vetting inspections or Port State Control. At the same time, the ship safety management system supports you regarding quality, safety and compliance with those rules and regulations.

Marine safety management and more:

  • Analysis and optimization of safety performance in the ship safety management system onboard ships
  • Organizational learning and continuous fleetwide improvement in maritime QHSE
  • Access to leading maritime QHSE expertise and best practice in a global network
  • Investment security

Quality and safety in the maritime industry

Shipping companies comply with increasingly complex regulations by means of internal procedures and guidelines. Professionals in QHSE need professional marine safety management systems to support compliance and beyond, ensuring effective and efficient day-to-day work procedures.

With ShipManager QHSE ship safety management system you can:

  • Increase transparency and have a better basis to make business decisions 
  • Improve reporting and follow-up of audits and inspections, both external (PSC, Charterer, OCIMF/SIRE, etc) and internal (ISM, Technical, etc)
  • Improve reporting and follow-up of incidents, accidents, injuries and near-misses onboard ships
  • Automatically prepare statistics on fleetwide and vessel safety performance, saving significant amounts of time
  • Improve information flows and monitoring of actions when processing incidents/accidents 
  • Better manage compliance issues (flag state, PSC, Class, ISM, TMSA)
  • Reduce likelihood of detentions
  • Centrally manage your fleet’s document library, including all safety related documentation 
  • Schedule and monitor on board safety drills, exercises and meetings
  • Tailor-make your own reports to fit your needs
  • Use optional ShipManager Analyzer for safety and quality KPIs and statistics


  Maritime software カタログ

Maritime software カタログ


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Maritime software overview フライヤー


  ShipManager QHSE - Mobile Inspection App

ShipManager QHSE - Mobile Inspection App

Helps you streamline the workflow of your onboard safety inspections, findings and actions



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