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Planned maintenance system for technical ship management - ShipManager Technical

Technical management software system for planned and unplanned maintenance of vessels

Planned maintenance system on ships (PMS)

A planned maintenace system allows shipowners and operators to plan, perform and document vessel maintenance at intervals complying with Class and manufacturer requirements. The objective is to ensure safe and reliable vessel operations, including equipment, in addition to compliance with all applicable regulations. There are different ways of achieving this, depending on the size and complexity of the shipping company and the types of vessels in operation. In all cases, a systematic approach to maintenance is based on risk assessment and begins with the establishment of a complete database of machinery, equipment and fittings.

A planned maintenance system on ships is mandatory according to the International Safety Management Code (ISM). An effective planned maintenance system not only helps meet safety and environmental objectives laid out in the ISM Code, it is also an investment in the protection of the assets and optimization of their management.

Technical ship management system

ShipManager Technical is the technical ship management system for both planned and unplanned maintenance, defect reporting and technical asset and data management. A planned maintenance system streamlines the planning, documentation and implementation of maintenance work and surveys onboard ship.

Modularized fleet management system for ships

ShipManager is comprised of individual modules or a complete ship management system that will cover the full range of ship management needs. ShipManager Technical is normally combined with other modules, for example shipping procurement, ship safety management system, crew management system, hull integrity management and shipping data analytics (business intelligence). An integrated solution provided the insight that is needed to gain efficiency, reduce Opex and remain competitive in the maritime market.

Planned maintenance system implementation support

A ship management system implementation involves capturing and migration of data from many sources, and it is crucial to have access to domain expertise and best practice from previous implementations to secure the value of your data, achieve success and maximize return on investment.

With ShipManager Technical PMS software you can benefit from:

  • Optimization of vessel maintenance management
  • Central management of your fleetwide equipment and maintenance jobs
  • Provide all information for powerful, fleetwide management reporting via ShipManager Analyzer
  • Easy-to-use common user interface between ship and shore, improving communication
  • Prepare and document all planned and unplanned maintenance tasks
  • Define and schedule counter-/calendar-based and condition-based tasks
  • Categorize jobs and elements according to relevant criteria, such as critical, safety relevant, class relevant or origin
  • Keep an automatic update of stock counts in consideration of spare parts consumed for maintenance tasks
  • Keep lifecycle records of each equipment
  • Defect management
  • Exchange equipment for maintenance and overhaul without losing relevant information
  • Have central task lists for onboard engineers and technical office staff
  • Integrate with other ShipManager software modules
  • DNV's implementation team with extensive ship management expertise


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