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Leak frequency modelling software - Safeti Leak Frequency Data

Easy-to-use, proven and efficient leak frequency modelling software module for calculating leak frequency in process equipment such as valves and pipes

Leak frequency modelling

Understanding the potential for leaks ("leak frequency") associated with process equipment such as valves and pipes is a key requirement for various technical safety-related assessments (for example quantitative risk assessments, QRAs). The Leak Frequency Data module in Safeti uses well-established failure frequency databases and offers you a platform that facilitates ready and direct calculation of the likelihood of leaks for various equipment types, such as vessels, valves, pumps and pipes.

Leak Frequency Data simplifies complex calculations and an easy-to-use, proven and efficient way to calculate leak frequency data. 

What you get with our leak frequency modelling tool

  • DNV’s vast expertise on leak frequency modelling and analysis, which forms the core of the tool and its capabilities 
  • Access to a well-established, extensive and continuously updated database of leak frequency data  
  • A structured and well-defined approach to leak frequency calculations, which  can be systematically applied and clearly verified and audited
  • A leak frequency modelling software tool that significantly simplifies the process of generating leak frequencies for diverse equipment types (vessels, valves, pipes, pumps etc)

Leak Frequency Data software's key benefits:

  • Offers a quick and easy-to-use way of generating leak frequency data for numerous applications
  • Integrates a well-established leak frequency database, the UK HSE (UK Health and Safety Executive) Hydrocarbon Release Database (HCRD)
  • Other datasets can also be integrated in the Leak Frequency Data software
  • Ability to generate leak frequencies in various formats, e.g. by hole size, release rate, phase (liquid or gas) and for various equipment types (vessels, valves, pumps etc.)
  • Structured approach means you can easily assess and manage a wide spectrum of analysis requirements and save significant time versus using manual applications for leak frequency modelling


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