Explosion simulation software - Safeti 3D Explosions

Explosion simulation software for occupied buildings and land use planning

Explosion simulation software

The 3D Explosions extension brings a host of advanced capabilities for QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment) modelling to the Safeti platform. The explosion simulation software includes 3D explosion analysis, building vulnerability modelling and occupied building analysis, as well as the ability to create exceedance curves and hazard frequency contours.

What you get with Safeti 3D Explosions:

  • Cutting edge software for explosion simulation based on DNV’s vast experience in QRA, risk-based design and occupied building assessment
  • 3D Explosion modelling capability in both the Safeti and Phast programs 
  • Access to advanced QRA modelling capability not available in the standard version of Safeti
  • Support for compliance with guidelines on the design and location of occupied buildings subject to explosion hazards, including API RP 752 and API RP 753

Advanced QRA tool for explosion simulation

QRA has evolved from its traditional applications in land use planning to support a range of applications such as risk-based design and occupied building assessment. We’ve seen significant progress in the science of vapour cloud explosions. The 3D Explosions extension to Safeti brings a host of new software capabilities that enable new explosion simulation challenges to be addressed efficiently and effectively.

With Safeti 3D Explosions software you can

  • Take Safeti beyond traditional QRA applications such as land use planning to a fully-fledged risk-based design tool
  • Model explosions in 3D using either the Multi-Energy or Baker Strehlow Tang models 
  • Easily define confined or congested areas and potential explosion sources on a map and see their impact on the blast potential
  • Reflect the impact of buildings on the risk level of persons located within them 
  • Generate exceedance contours for buildings, tanks, equipment, etc
  • Generate hazard frequency contours in the explosion simulation software, in addition to traditional risk contours for use in site layout and escalation analysis 
  • Ease compliance with a range of guidelines on risk-based design and occupied building analysis


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