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Torsional vibration analysis - Nauticus Machinery Torsional Vibration

Proven Torsional Vibration software module controls vibration levels in engines, propulsion systems and generator sets

Torsional vibration analysis

Lacking communication between different engine part makers leads to catastrophic consequences for the stability and reliability of the machinery. Torsional vibration related issues can easily become critical for a vessel series. The design optimization sometimes has heavy focuses on costs. Together with in-appropriate assumptions and poor knowledge they can become detrimental for the safety of the vessel. 

This is why we have put our domain knowledge in developing the Torsional Vibration analysis tool, which helps you control vibration levels in your engines, propulsion systems, and generator sets. The analysis contains frequency domain calculation and time domain calculation. The time domain calculation handles torsional vibration with ice impacting according to the latest common ice class rules.

Torsional vibration software

  • Easy, reliable and effective software for marine shafting systems
  • Calculates free or forced vibrations for all types of ship engines and propulsion plants
  • Handles ice impact on propeller by both time domain approach and steady-state approach
  • Supports almost all marine propulsion systems, including direct coupled propulsion systems, geared propulsion systems, and generator sets
  • Analysis of a wide range of ship and small craft engines such as: 
    - Conventional diesel driven plants (gear or direct coupled), single or multi-branched
    - Recreational size marine engines such as inboard and sterndrive engines, including transmission and driveline configurations
    - Gas turbine plants
    - Water jet plants
    - Diesel-electric plants
    - Generator sets

Control of vibration levels with torsional vibration analysis software

Keeping control of vibration levels in your engines, propulsion systems, and generator sets are essential in order to have machinery that operates safely and reliably. The wrong combination of individually satisfactory components may lead to an inappropriate system. The Torsional Vibration calculation software can identify the interaction between components, an essential part of the system and functionality assessment.

Calculate torsional vibration regarding ice impacting on the propeller

One of the main challenges in designing propulsion machinery for ice class requirements is the handling of ice impacting the propeller. Tailored software is needed to solve such challenges. DNV has the leading position regarding ice class rule and requirements. Our long-term experience is the foundation of the Nauticus Machinery Torsional Vibration tool, supporting ice impacting calculation according to the latest common ice class rules such as Finnish-Swedish ice class and IACS Polar ice class.

Key benefits of the Torsional Vibration software module

  • State-of-the-art graphical user interface with flexible modelling options
  • Support for Windows XP/7, 32- and 64-bit platforms
  • Enhanced mathematical algorithms based on well-proven technologies
  • Tailor-made user dialogues available for calculation of complex parameters such as cylinder pressures, propeller damping or entrained water 
  • Integrated component libraries for engines and couplings
  • Upload- and download excitation data files for diesel engines (engine harmonics)
  • Exchange of models, results and reports supported by web services
  • No pre- or post-processing, all operations are carried out in one interface
  • No practical limitation with respect to the number of masses or shafts
  • Advanced report and print features, integration with MS Office applications
  • Identifies the steady state response amplitudes of stress, torque and dissipated power in different elements at various torque-load conditions due to external excitation


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Nauticus Machinery カタログ


  Nauticus Machinery - Torsional Vibration フライヤー

Nauticus Machinery - Torsional Vibration フライヤー


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Nauticus Machinery モジュール

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