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Helping PV inverter manufacturers and park developers demonstrate compliance with legal requirements for grid connections.

Does your solar inverter fit the grid?

Modern photovoltaic (PV) power plants and their inverters need to support the electrical grid during electrical faults in the system and normal operation. Hence legislation, investors, operators and/or park owners often require independent verification of inverters and solar plants before they are connected to the grid. In some countries, system operators need evidence that solar inverters are compatible with grid code requirements, often for the whole power plant.

Ensuring grid code compliance
Certification is the best way to demonstrate grid code compliance (GCC). At DNV, we offer you independent verification of grid compatibility for individual inverters and complete PV power plants. This is done in two steps:
  • Type Certificate
    • A solar inverter type is certified based on one or more grid codes according the relevant certification procedure or our maximum capability approach.
  • Project Certificate
    • Site-specific certification of PV power plants based on site specific data, our maximum capability approach or the Type Certificate.

We facilitate the entire power purchase agreement (PPA) and GCC process for all parties involved. Furthermore, our GCC services help save you valuable resources.

  Grid code compliance of PV power plants

Grid code compliance of PV power plants

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