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Marine corrosion analysis software for cathodic protection systems

Marine corrosion

Marine corrosion protection systems – whether using sacrificial anodes or active impressed current systems – can make or break an offshore project. Corrosion material losses can be a limiting factor for life extension projects, and the geometrical complexity of modern optimized structures can cause difficulties in assuring adequate protection.

Corrosion analysis software solution

Sesam’s FNCorrosion is a groundbreaking corrosion software solution with 3D simulation capabilities, and has been used on numerous maritime and offshore projects. It keeps pace with the increasing complexity of marine structures and the demands placed upon them. Effectively identify areas of under and over-protection of fixed and floating structures throughout the asset lifecycle with FNCorrosion. Our marine corrosion analysis software sets itself apart in the market as an integrated part of a structural design system.

Cathodic protection

FNCorrosion lets you visually simulate, test and evaluate sacrificial anode and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems throughout the asset lifecycle. The software provides the ability to visualize the surface potentials and current density in 3D and run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios showing the levels of marine corrosion protection around the submerged structure. It provides assurance that the selected cathodic protection system will protect fixed and floating structures and any subsea equipment against marine corrosion.

The corrosion models can assess through-life protection around submerged fixed and floating structures. The electric field is solved around a panel model for galvanic series materials. Areas of under-protection of marine corrosion can be identified, which left unchecked would be subject to gradual material loss. Areas of corrosion over-protection can be identified, which may locally entrain hydrogen into the structure, causing embrittlement.

FNCorrosion – a marine corrosion analysis software solution that can be used for:

  • Assurance of marine corrosion protection coverage around structures
    - System optioneering
    - What-if scenarios
  • Assessing variation in marine corrosion protection due to:
    - Structure polarization
    - Structure materials
    - Surface coating integrity
    - Anode depletion
    - Seawater temperature and salinity
    - Installation of nearby structures

The software may be used for most types of marine structures, including fixed or floating offshore platforms, ships, steel marine risers, and submerged pipelines.


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FNCorrosion フライヤー




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