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Manage your structural analysis workflow with Sesam Manager

Helps you create and execute a structural analysis workflow

Structural analysis workflow management

Sesam Manager helps the user create and execute an analysis workflow based on previous best practices. It provides users with a single, shared environment for different Sesam modules and other applications – comprising all kinds of analysis needed. It supports any Sesam analysis, from simple to very complex. Although based on the principles behind the success of previous versions of Sesam Manager, the new Sesam Manager has been designed from scratch to provide users with the most up-to-date solutions, including the flexibility of Javascript.

Key benefits of Sesam Manager software

  • One shared environment for different Sesam applications
  • Tutorials enable easy start with simple analysis
  • Quick learning curve, advancement to higher levels of complexity in a short time frame
  • Flexibility for advanced users with Javascripting
  • Ability to manage complex analyses with many Sesam modules
  • Templates ensure use of best practice guidelines
  • Quick start – direct launch of interactive applications
  • Modern, intuitive user interface
  • Transparency, easy to monitor/control file management
  • Easy to create, easy to share with others, store and re-use data for structural re-analysis


  Sesam for fixed structures カタログ

Sesam for fixed structures カタログ


  Sesam for fixed structures ビデオ

Sesam for fixed structures ビデオ


  Try GeniE Lite

Try GeniE Lite

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  Kameleon FireEx - KFX Usfos

Kameleon FireEx - KFX Usfos

Structural response analysis


Sesam for fixed structures モジュール

ソフトウェア モジュールの概要を入手する


Sesam for fixed structures

Read more about Sesam software for fixed structures


Sesam Assistance



Sesam Manager

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