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Finite element analysis of ship structures - Nauticus Hull - FE Analysis for Ships

Combination of rule check calculations and finite element analysis of ship structures

Finite element analysis of ship structures

The combination of Nauticus Hull’s Rule Check calculations and the world-leading finite element analysis capabilities of Sesam provides ship designers and approval engineers with a complete software solution for the entire design and approval process.

Sesam interacts with Nauticus Hull using the model data as a starting point for cargo hold analysis. The loads, boundary conditions and corrosion addition from Nauticus Hull are automatically re-used in Sesam.

Sesam represents the latest-generation design and analysis software for maritime and offshore structures. With its concept modelling techniques, Sesam allows engineers to focus on the structure, loads and environmental conditions, rather than on nodes and elements. Combined with strong features for 3D visualization and advanced automated meshing, this significantly reduces the time spent on modelling and documentation and provides efficient verification.

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Nauticus Hull and Sesam for finite element analysis of ship structures

  • Improved efficiency and quality by automation of calculation tasks – saves time and cost
  • Open to yard standards for exchange of models, regardless of yard system
  • Efficient cargo hold modelling and FE analyses for buckling control, strength and stress level assessment according to the latest rules, including e.g. IACS CSR-H rules 


  Nauticus Hull カタログ

Nauticus Hull カタログ


  Nauticus Hull モジュール

Nauticus Hull モジュール

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  Sesam for floating structures

Sesam for floating structures

Hydrodynamic and structural analysis software

  Nauticus Hull

Nauticus Hull

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