Fault and failure analysis for wind turbines

Comprehensive root cause analysis of faults and unexpected behaviour for onshore and offshore wind turbines based on measured data and numerical models.

Renewable energy is an increasingly significant part of the world’s power supply. Hence societies need to know they can depend on it. Potential failures must be understood ahead of time, so they can be dealt with in a robust and effective manner. As onshore and offshore wind turbines get bigger, this understanding becomes ever more critical.

Our fault and failure analysis services give you that understanding. We provide a fully independent assessment of a turbine based on measured turbine and site data plus numerical modelling. This allows turbine manufacturers and operators to understand the root cause of unexpected behaviour or unexplained shutdowns behaviour of their machines. From this, we can help you develop measures to mitigate or eliminate the problem.

A full root cause analysis
Through this service you gain access to our extensive global experience in turbine physics and site conditions for onshore and offshore wind power. We can help review turbine data, site conditions, maintenance records and (where available) the numerical model of the turbine to see if we can understand and numerically replicate what is happening in the field.

At the heart of our service is the use of a turbine dynamic model. This allows us to correlate unexpected behaviour with the relevant component characteristics, and extrapolates the turbine’s response to extreme wind conditions that aren’t captured by measurement. If detailed turbine models don’t exist, we are able to estimate many model features directly from measurements.

Wind turbine troubleshooting
Our global network of wind turbine experts is available to:

  • Inspect failed turbines
  • Monitor operational behaviour
  • Install monitoring systems
  • Inject test signals for detailed analysis of control systems

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Turbine Engineering Services brochure

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