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Conceptual modelling of offshore and maritime structures - GeniE

A powerful FEM modelling and analysis tool for innovation, flexibility and efficiency in offshore structural engineering

Conceptual FEM modelling and analysis

GeniE is a tool for concept (high level geometry) modelling of beams, flat plates and stiffened shells. Load modelling includes equipment (with automatic load transfer), explicit loads, wind loads and generation of compartments in floating structures.

The concept model, or parts of it, can be meshed using a variety of beam, plate and shell finite element types. The mesh may be refined or modified using a comprehensive set of mesh editing features, whereupon the mesh quality may be verified.

Through running the modules Wajac and Sestra from the GeniE user interface, environmental loads (wave, current, buoyance and wind) may be calculated and a finite element stress analysis performed, including for jacket structures a pile-soil-structure interaction via the module Splice.

What you get with the FEM software GeniE

  • Concept modelling of beams, flat plate and curved shell surfaces
  • Automated creation of enclosed compartments in the concept model for input to stability or hydrodynamic analysis, including option to fill compartments with liquid or solid matter
  • Segmented, grouted, overlapping and non-structural beam elements
  • Truss, tension only and compression only elements
  • Tubular joints created in accordance with API, NORSOK or user defined rules
  • AISC, EURONORM, NS, BS beam section libraries plus typical ship sections
  • Load modelling including, point, line and surface loads; specification of temperature and acceleration loads
  • Modelling of equipment with automatic mapping of loads onto structural members; fast regeneration of loads if equipment is moved or reused; optional mapping of equipment as mass for dynamic analysis
  • Calculation of wind loads on beams, equipment or surfaces
  • Specification of data required for wave load calculations, including Morison coefficients, marine growth, flooded members, conductor shielding, current profiles, wind profiles, wave theories
  • Pile and soil modelling, including sand and clay layers, scour, P-Y, T-Z and Q-Z curves
  • Automatic meshing of concepts using 2-node beams, 3- and 4-node flat plates; 3-node curved beams and 6- and 8-node curved shell elements
  • Variety of tools for efficient mesh refinement in local areas, including quality checking and partial re-meshing
  • Execution in the background of Wajac, Splice and Sestra from the GeniE interface
  • Graphical post-processing and reporting of displacements, deflections, forces and stresses; Xtract may be started from GeniE for more advanced post-processing
  • Member and joint code checks to API-WSD, API-LRFD, NORSOK, ISO, AISC, Eurocode and DS standards
  • Fast member/joint redesign with optional update of sections and material in concept model for full reanalysis of optimized design
  • Plate code checks to CSR and PULS


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Sesam for fixed structures カタログ


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Sesam for fixed structures ビデオ


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