Conceptual modelling and FE analysis of steel structures - GeniE Lite

Design of small regular steel structures made of beams and plates

Conceptual modelling

The GeniE Lite software module is a tool for design of regular steel structures made up of beams and plates. GeniE Lite is based upon the use of concepts to represent the physical structure and loads that it supports.

What you get with GeniE Lite conceptual modelling

  • Quick and efficient design of small and regular steel structures made from beams and plates
  • Modelling, analysis, results processing and code checking are performed from the same graphical user environment
  • Intelligent modelling of structure and load
  • Data exchange with standard office reporting products
  • Results used in design process, e.g. bending moment diagrams, plate stresses, and code check results of beams according to AISC, API, Norsok or Eurocode Standards
  • Includes user manual, tutorials and how-to videos

Key benefits of GeniE Lite software

  • Intuitive and integrated 3D user interface covering modelling, analysis, results presentation and start of Framework (fatigue analysis of frame models) code checking
  • Concept modelling techniques to focus real structures instead of analytical models
  • Flexible naming, the user may use same names as real structure
  • Import of data from other finite element systems and build them to form one concept model
  • Easy to select from browser or graphics mode and make re-usable sets for later usage in the design process
  • Automatic creation of finite element model based on user-defined rules or system default settings
  • New model created each time the structure model or equipment configuration is changed
  • All operations are logged using a command language (Jscript) – these files may be used and edited by others to create new models
  • Easy to verify all steps in the design process either from 2D/3D graphical files or from exporting tabulated reports


  Sesam for fixed structures カタログ

Sesam for fixed structures カタログ


  Sesam for fixed structures ビデオ

Sesam for fixed structures ビデオ


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Sesam for fixed structures モジュール

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