DNV GL verifies innovative floating solar design methodology for Ocean Sun

Ocean Sun introduces floating solar solution for man-made reservoirs and coastal waters. Floating solar opens up tremendous opportunities to provide the world with sufficient renewable energy. The solution from Ocean Sun is the first floating solar design of its kind to receive a Statement of Conformity from DNV GL, verifying its accordance with global safety standard.

HOVIK, Norway, 9th March 2020 – DNV GL has awarded a conformity statement to Norwegian Solar Energy company Ocean Sun for its floating solar design methodology.

The conformity statement is the first of its kind and was issued following a thorough verification process which sets the standard for the expansion of floating solar globally and opens opportunities to scale up solar energy production around the world.

The conformity statement verifies that the design methodology of the Ocean Sun floating solar structure, including design principles, methods and safety factors, complies with the relevant standards and recommended practices, such as the NS9415 standard for Norwegian aquaculture.

DNV GL is currently leading the technology qualification of the complete Ocean Sun floating solar solution where all aspects of the solution are being reviewed such as its energy production, PV cells, electrical system and membrane. The technology qualification process is being conducted in accordance with DNV GL’s Recommended Practice RP-A203.

The solar solution is designed and build for operations in man-made reservoirs and coastal waters, with a design that combines solutions from open-sea salmon farms and the latest solar technology. The system is based on modified silicon solar modules mounted on a flexible hydro elastic floating membrane.

DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook reveals that society will need to grow solar power by more than ten times to 5TW in order to close the emissions gap, the difference between the forecasted rate at which our energy system is decarbonizing and the pace we need to reach, to limit global warming to well below 2°C as set out by the Paris Agreement.

According to a recent report from the World Bank, the global potential of floating solar, even under moderate assumptions, is 2000 Gigawatt-peak on man-made reservoirs alone. When adding coastal waters the potential becomes enormous.

“Hydropower operators have large plans to invest in floating solar solutions in their man-made reservoirs and hook it up to their already existing grid connections, but they need to be sure that the floating solar structure is sustainable, durable and safe. This verification by DNV GL is acknowledged by authorities around the world, and is a vital first step in demonstrating Ocean Sun’s readiness for deploying robust floating solar solutions,” said Børge Bjørneklett CEO of Ocean Sun.

“Developing and expanding floating solar power opens tremendous new opportunities in providing the world with sufficient renewable energy. We’re pleased to work with industry leaders like Ocean Sun to verify innovative solutions that are set to have a significant impact on the advancement of the technology in the future,” added Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President for DNV GL’s Energy business in Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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About Ocean Sun

Ocean Sun AS is the owner of an IPR portfolio including several patents and patent applications in all major markets. Our core innovation is a floating solar system based on rigid PV modules mounted on a hydro elastic membrane. The method enables lower cell operating temperatures by direct thermal contact with the waterbody. Systems can be built at a low capex and the best PV performance in the industry. Ocean Sun has agreements with suppliers of all key components for large scale FPV deployment globally.

Ocean Sun offer license agreements where developers and independent power producers are granted the right to utilize patents for their own projects. Since 2016, Ocean Sun has done extensive research and experimentation in basin laboratory and built test systems for rough waters on the Norwegian West coast, in the Strait of Johur in Singapore and the Magat Dam in the north of the Philippines.

Learn more at www.oceansun.no