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Adwen AD 5-135 is a reliable, efficient and high-performance 5 MW offshore wind turbine

The AD 5-135 at a glance: 3-blade rotor with a 135 meter diameter, 5 MW power output and generating at wind speeds from 3.5 to 30 meters per second.

The project
Adwen’s AD 5-135 turbine has obtained the first Type Certificate based on the Guideline for the Certification of Offshore Wind Turbines, Edition 2012 issued by DNV. This new guideline updates the previous version from 2005 to fully comply with GL’s Guideline for Onshore Wind Turbines, edition 2010, and to cover IEC-61400, parts 1 and 3.

The new guideline contains a type certification process especially developed for offshore wind turbines. It takes into account the important increase on the average size of turbines experienced from 2005 as well as the use of advanced, intelligent control systems to mitigate loads. Furthermore, the machinery and electrical design requirements are improved to the latest state of the art.

The AD 5-135 is an evolution of the AD 5-116 of which Adwen has installed 630 MW, was first certified in March 2015 according to this guideline and has been updated to cope with the specific configuration required for Wikinger offshore wind farm, Iberdrola’s 350 MW project in the Baltic Sea. Among the new features figure the 25-year operating lifetime and the grid loss system – a new smart system which allows energy production for self-consumption in case of temporary loss of grid connection.

Maite Basurto, CTO: “This certification proves that the AD 5-135 is a reliable and robust product that has kept pace with the latest developments in the industry in terms of design, manufacturing materials and processes, and performance. The fact that it is the first turbine to be certified under the latest standard demonstrates that our technology is at the leading edge of the offshore wind energy industry.”

Mike Wöbbeking, Renewables Certification: “We are pleased to issue the first Type Certificate according to GL 2012 to Adwen for their AD 5-135 turbine, As the development of modern offshore wind turbines is rapidly progressing, the guideline GL 2012 is taking all the latest safety and reliability requirements into account, including updated qualifications for load, mechanical engineering and safety engineering.”

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