Grid-connected energy storage systems

Conformity statement for ATEPS battery system

ATEPS is a new and growing company in the field of energy storage and energy efficiency. The main objective of ATEPS is to develop and market new technologies that accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system.

Deploying grid-connected energy storage systems creates challenges for users and manufacturers alike. Without clear expectations and standards, it is difficult to prove the system operates correctly and safely. ATEPS had the documentation of its battery container verified by appropriate methods to comply with a set of the recommendations of GRIDSTOR. The GRIDSTOR recommended practice (DNVGL-RP-0043) brings together the most important and relevant standards and guidelines as well as industry experience into one single document, providing simple, clear and practice-based guidance on energy storage safety, operation and performance that is in harmony with all of those various standards.

DNV carried out the GRIDSTOR verification of ATEPS’s energy storage system. DNV verified ATEPS’s system documentation on:

  • manufacturing: functional and detailed design, interface control document, design failure mode and effect analysis, factory acceptance testying methodology, warranty
  • transport and warehousing: safety during transport
  • installation and commissioning: installation instructions, site acceptance testing methodology, operational failure mode and effect analysis
  • operation: communication protocol, material safety data sheet
  • maintenance and repair: manual

The scope of the recommended practice goes far beyond any existing standards in covering the key quality criteria of safety, operation and performance. ATEPS system documentation has now proven that this system should be fit for operation in the emerging energy storage market, stakeholders can trust that its safety, operational and performance risks are adequately reduced and mitigated.

Jos Theuns

ATEPS is pleased to have worked with the team of DNV GL for this new market and the application of energy storage systems. We strongly recommend others in this industry to follow its example since the market needs clearer and uniform specifications, safety standards and operational specifications.

  • Jos Theuns ,
  • Managing Director ,
  • ATEPS Nederland BV