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DNVは川崎重工業株式会社と液化水素の製造から利用に至るまでのサプライチェーン全体におけるCO2排出量の評価に向けて、排出量の具体的な算定方法を協働検討するにあたり覚書を締結しました。DNV Signs MOU with Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd for Collaborative Work to Visualize CO2 Emissions in the International Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain.








DNV signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd (hereinafter, Kawasaki), which is building an international liquefied hydrogen supply chain, to collaboratively work on a specific calculation method for assessing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (hereinafter, CO2) throughout the entire supply chain from production to use of liquefied hydrogen. The MOU was signed on 29 May 2023.

With the reduction of emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases becoming an important global issue, hydrogen is attracting attention as a clean energy source as it does not emit CO2 when used. On the other hand, one issue is the reduction and visualisation of CO2 emissions from the entire supply chain, including hydrogen production, transport, and storage.

Against this background, DNV has agreed to work on these issues in collaboration with Kawasaki, which aims to establish a method for calculating CO2 emissions for the entire liquefied hydrogen supply chain. DNV will provide its knowledge from the standpoint of an independent assurance expert, towards the establishment of a reliable and transparent method of calculating CO2 as required by Kawasaki, based on the experience it has accumulated over many years in the field of greenhouse gas-related third-party certification and assessment work for marine transport ships.

DNV has assisted in establishing standards suitable for specific sectors based on its expert experience in participating in the development of various international standards. DNV has also consolidated its technical achievements into DNV's own standards, which are now available to the public. Currently service specifications are being considered to support validation and verification of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen and ammonia attribute claims, and these technical results will be applied for collaborative work with Kawasaki to consider CO2 emissions calculation methods.

Towards decarbonisation is a common challenge for a lot of organizations. We believe that this initiative to visualize CO2 emissions in the liquefied hydrogen supply chain is expected the widespread deployment of low-carbon hydrogen for various stakeholders. Through working with Kawasaki in this initiative, DNV will contribute to the future hydrogen society and carbon neutrality in 2050, driven by our purpose, to safeguard life, property, and the environment.


[川崎重工業株式会社:ニュースリリース] 国際液化水素サプライチェーンにおけるCO2排出量の『見える化』に向け 第三者認証機関のDNVと覚書を締結(2023/05/29)

[Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd:News] Memorandum of Understanding with DNV, a Third-Party Certification Body, for Collaborative Work to Visualize CO2 Emissions in the International Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain(2023/05/29)

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